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    Nashville, TN
    Saturday, Jul 31st, 2021
    "The guys were so nice and efficient. It didn't take them..."
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    Nashville, TN
    Wednesday, May 26th, 2021
    "The team was a pleasure to work with They were on time for..."
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    Nashville, TN
    Tuesday, Oct 5th, 2021
    "They did a great job. They were very friendly and took care..."
Before and After Pictures from Nashville
Removed bedding from a condo in Nashville, TN

Removed bedding from a condo in Nashville, TN

Before After
Removed bedding from a condo in Nashville, TN Removed bedding from a condo in Nashville, TN

Our customer simply needed a couple mattresses and a bed frame removed.  We were in and out in a very short period of time and were able to get all of it donated or repurposed!

Spring Cleaning Services in NASHVILLE, TN

Spring Cleaning Services in NASHVILLE, TN

Before After
Spring Cleaning Services in NASHVILLE, TN Spring Cleaning Services in NASHVILLE, TN

Our customer decided to purge some items from their home, removing unused items and stress by decluttering, all at the same time.

Furniture Removal Services in NASHVILLE, TN

Furniture Removal Services in NASHVILLE, TN

Before After
Furniture Removal Services in NASHVILLE, TN Furniture Removal Services in NASHVILLE, TN

Our customer was moving out and needed to have a sofa and chair removed that they did not want to take with them to their new home.

Expert Estate Cleanout & Junk Removal in Nashville, TN

Happy Customers Surrounding Nashville, TN

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Nashville, TN’s trusted junk removal contractor

At The Junkluggers of Nashville, we are committed to offering our clients only the best in Nashville, TN. This means providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable junk removal services. We offer a number of services, including furniture removal, storage unit cleanouts, and entire estate cleanouts. No matter the junk removal project, we’ve got your back. Our professionals will have your home or office space cleared out in no time, leaving your space pristine. Take a look at some of the services we offer in Nashville, TN:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic, garage & basement cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • E-waste recycling
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Storm & disaster cleanup

Don’t wait another day to begin your junk removal project, partner with The Junkluggers of Nashville for any and all of your junk removal needs. We proudly serve Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas in Davidson County. Contact us at 1-844-415-0289 or complete the provided form to schedule your free junk removal estimate today!

Commercial cleanout company in Nashville

The Junkluggers of Nashville is proud to serve residents and business owners with our commercial junk removal options in Nashville. Our team is ready to help businesses especially when it’s time to remodel, redecorate, renovate or relocate! We also provide junk removal and hauling services for hospitals, medical buildings, and schools.

Leave the mess to The Junkluggers of Nashville, and we’ll take care of all your commercial cleanouts. Debris, boxes, junk, furniture, storage items, and more- all hauled away by The Junkluggers of Nashville. We even recycle or donate whenever possible.

Book now! We help with residential and commercial cleanout projects in Nashville and nearby.

Eco-friendly junk removal services in Nashville, TN

Yet another benefit of partnering with The Junkluggers of Nashville is that we care about environmental sustainability. We are committed to protecting the environment and our community here in Nashville, TN, which is why all of our services are eco-friendly. Our mission is to prevent 100% of the items we haul from entering landfills by the year 2025. Our experts work day in and day out to donate, recycle, or otherwise ethically dispose of our clients’ unwanted items. What’s more, we even offer tax-deductible receipts for items we donate! Take a look at our four Green Guarantees:

  • 100% satisfaction
  • Donation receipts within 14 days of donations
  • On-time arrivals
  • Price assurance

Your search for an eco-friendly, efficient, reliable junk removal contractor has come to an end. Give us a call today at 1-844-415-0289 or fill out the form below to schedule your free junk removal estimate in Nashville, TN.

Case Studies From Nashville
Our customer had two storage units in Nashville, TN and lived in Los Angeles, CA. She was paying quite a bit in monthly rental fees for both units.
Our customer had been renting a storage unit for about $500/month. The primary items stored in this storage unit (they had multiple storage units)...
Press Releases From Nashville
Job Stories From Nashville, TN
Serving One of Our Free Piano Recipients

When we remove a piano for a customer, our first priority is to determine if it is suitable to find a new home for the piano.  If it is, then we immediately post it on social media to find a new home for the piano so that we can get it delivered as soon as possible.  One such benefactor recently reached out to us as their family was moving to a new home in the area.  They wanted help with moving the piano from their current home to their new home.  While we are not licensed or permitted for moving services, we can provide onsite labor assistance on both ends, provided they have their own vehicle to transport the piano from one address to the other.  They rented a truck and we did the rest.  


Not only did we get their piano moved for them, but it turns out that their new place is the address of a former customer we recently did a couple of jobs for as they were moving out of the place.  So, we helped people move out and then helped new residents move into the same place.  I believe this was two firsts for us - moving a piano for one of our free piano recipients and being on both sides of a rental transition for the same unit.


We have great customers, and we love what we do!


Choose The Junkluggers to be your go-to junk removal company for your piano removal (or "moving") needs.  800.LUG.JUNK 1-844-415-0289) or www.junkluggers.com

Serving One of Our Free Piano Recipients - Photo 1
Labor Only Services to Bring a Newly Delivered 600+ lbs. Aquarium in to the Home, in Nashville, TN

Our customer brought us in to remove an older aquarium, a refrigerator, and some other things.  A few days later, the new aquarium would arrive, and so they called us back to take advantage of our onsite labor assistance, or labor only services. Their new aquarium was about 7'-8' long, weighing in at over 600 lbs, and basically nothing but solid glass and some adhesive.  Once you start the process, you cannot stop in the middle, as setting the glass tank on concrete is not acceptable.  Our customer was storing his aquatic life with the great folks at Aquatic Critter, on Nolensville Pike, in Nashville, but you can find them on Facebook, too!  He also rented some handles specifically designed for moving such large aquariums, at Aquatic Critter, which were very helpful.  We were able to pretty quickly, and carefully, unpackage the aquarium from the crate, pick it up and move it into our customer's home, and carefully set it on top of the new cabinet, being careful of the outlets to connect to the tank inside the cabinet.  Our customer was very excited with our service and grateful for the care used to install the very expensive aquarium.

We have some of the best rates you can find, for this service, among companies who provide only background checked, fully insured, professionals, AND, we only require a 1-hour minimum for a crew of two people, AND, we shift to 15-minute increments after the first hour.  We know good help is hard to find, and we also know that some jobs just do not require 2-3 hours to get the work done.  Some of our customers require help moving things around in conjunction with a removal job, and for those, we go straight to 15-minute increments, as the 1-hour minimum is really only to help cover the cost of coming out to you, in the first place.

Choose The Junkluggers to be your go-to onsite labor assistance company for any of your onsite moving or labor needs.  800.LUG.JUNK 1-844-415-0289) or www.junkluggers.com

Labor Only Services to Bring a Newly Delivered 600+ lbs. Aquarium in to the Home, in Nashville, TN - Photo 1
Salvation Army and the LifNav Program - One of the Reasons We Do What We Do!

I have always enjoyed helping people.  For a number of years, I was donating platelets through the American Red Cross.  My whole life, my family has been donating unwanted items through organizations such as Goodwill.  As an adult, we have sponsored children through Compassion International, and now through Justice & Mercy, International, since my wife works with this wonderful organization.  So, when it came time to look for a business to get involved with, The Junkluggers continued to come to the top, largely in part to their approach to handling things people no longer wanted in their homes or businesses.  The first priority at The Junkluggers is to always give back to the community by donating as many items as we can from what we remove in our business back to our local non-profit partners.  Our second priority is to recycle, repurpose, or rehome as many items as we can that we are not able to donate, to prevent those items from going into our local landfills and harming our environment.

So, I came across this article that highlights one of our customers on the donation side, with one of our favorite non-profit partners - not because they are so much better than other non-profits, but because we get to be a part of helping people in the local community, directly, when we donate items through the Salvation Army's LifNav program.


We provided Eric with items several times, as we come across various needs of his.  We don't always get everything someone needs at once, and we currently do not have a facility to store items.  So, we donate items as soon as we get them, and sometimes that means we can provide a bed, today, a couch, next week, etc. The Salvation Army put us in touch with Eric, and something that stood out to me about Eric was his joy in receiving the items, and his eagerness to help us however he could, with unloading the items from our truck and into his apartment.  We are met with this same demeanor and behavior from Eric each time, and we have now provided he and his roommate with beds, a sectional and ottoman, a washer and dryer, a chair, and some lamps.

While we have helped so many people, just like Eric, I typically shy away from posting anything about this, as I do not intend to capitalize on the less fortunate or post their pictures when we are able to donate much needed items to them.  In this case, the article was already there, highlighting the work of The Salvation Army and success stories, like Eric's.  We will continue to keep opportunities like this front and center in our business and will be able to do more, as we grow our business and have facilities to stage such furniture and other household items folks need as they get into a new home with nothing but the clothes on their back.

Likewise, we are always looking for new non-profit partners.  If you know of a local organization who we might be able to benefit, do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss the organization and their needs.

If this is something that resonates with you, please consider us in the following ways:

  • Choose The Junkluggers to be your go-to junk removal company for any of your furniture or junk hauling needs.  800.LUG.JUNK 1-844-415-0289) or www.junkluggers.com 
  • We're #hiring (https://junkluggersofnashville.easyapply.co) for full-time and part-time Luggers (movers and drivers). If you know of anyone who is interested in being a part of a new business with a lot of opportunity to scale, likes giving back to the community in a variety of ways, and is concerned about the environment, then we might be a great fit! At Junkluggers, we believe that often when people have items to remove, those items still have life left in them and people can still benefit from those items. Our first priority is always to donate to our local non-profit partners. Our second priority is to recycle as much as we can to minimize the impact on our environment. #junkluggers #ecofriendly #caringalternativetojunkhauling #giveback #community #environmentallyfriendly #helpothers #fulltimejob #parttimejob #newbusiness #growthopportunities #leadershipopportunities #NashvilleTN

This article was produced by the Nashville Christian Family Magazine (https://nashchristian.com/).

Dumpster Rental Alternative Services for a Construction Company in Nashville, TN

Our customer was a construction company who focuses primarily on outdoor living spaces for residential properties.  Often times, the first part of the construction job is to rip out whatever is currently there for an outdoor living space.  Our customer had been using a dumpster rental service, but he quickly discovered that he would often show up on the job site to have his newly dropped off dumpster already partially or completely filled with other people's things.  This cost him money and also delayed his crew in their ability to get the demo materials removed from the property so they could start construction on the new outdoor living space.  We were brought in to quickly remove all of the demolition materials from the original outdoor living space and subsequently leave the lot. No container remaining on the property to get in their way, attract others to dump things in a container they did not pay for, or be unsightly for the neighbors. Our customer was grateful to have us take care of this problem with a better solution for him, and was on the phone with some of his professional contacts recommending our services while we were still their removing the debris for him.

Choose The Junkluggers to be your go-to junk removal company for any of your construction debris or demolition debris removal needs.  800.LUG.JUNK 1-844-415-0289) or www.junkluggers.com

Mattress Removal Services in Nashville, TN

Many of our customers are either not sure what to do with their old mattresses, do not have the means to get them out of their home, or do not have the means to transport them.  Many people get rid of their old mattresses when they decide to purchase new ones, when they are moving to a new home and decide not to move the old ones with them, or when they are downsizing and no longer need as much bedding in their home as they once needed.  Regardless of the reason for needing to remove their mattresses and box springs, they can be a challenge to move, particularly the mattresses, as they are heavier and flop around on you more.  They are also a hassle to transport if you do not have a truck and you run the risk of damage to your vehicle or worse, if they come off of your vehicle while headed down the highway.

We have a number of customers who may just have a single bed they need removed, so they contact us for their mattress removal needs. In many cases, we have customers who have multiple beds they need removed at the same time, which was the case for this particular customer.  We removed a king bed and a full bed - mattresses and box springs, in addition to some other furniture they needed removed.  Our guys are accustomed to removing large, heavy items on a regular basis and can do it quickly and safely.  In addition, we have several channels we can work through to sometimes get mattresses and box springs donated to those in need and kick back a tax donation statement for our customer's benefit.  When we cannot do this, then we recycle our mattresses and box springs through our recycling partner, Spring Back Recycling, which is a division of the ministry Isaiah 58 - Hope in Motion.

Choose The Junkluggers to be your go-to junk removal company for any of your mattress removal and box spring removal needs.  800.LUG.JUNK 1-844-415-0289) or www.junkluggers.com
Waste Removal Services in Nashville, TN

From our customer, when describing their problem to be resolved:

"our trash company missed us for a few week and we have lots of trash bags and debris that needs to go. Animals have gotten in the trash and it is mess. I would like the trash taken away, area fully cleaned up and cans hosed out"

It turns out that they had also recently suffered a death in the family and had been hosting a number of familiy and friends in their home, during this time, as well.

We were able to go out, that day, clean up all the bagged, partially bagged, and loose household trash, hose out the garbage cans, and hose down the section of the driveway to remove any remaining food particles and liquids from the driveway to minimize any bug, stain, or odor issues.

Our customers were very pleased and appreciated the quick response to addressing their needs.

Mattress Removal and Furniture Removal Services in Nashville, TN

Our customer was moving out of state and had a number of beds and a large office desk she did not want to move out of state with her.  She also had a neighbor with a piece of furniture to be removed, and the neighbor was also going to take some furniture from our customer's home. 

So, we removed all of the mattresses and box springs.  We broke down the large desk into a number of pieces and loaded those up.  We removed the neighbor's piece of furniture. And, we helped the neighbor get the furniture out of our customer's home and into their garage.  Then, the customer asked if there was any more room in the truck.  We were able to squeeze in a recliner.  :)

We got most of the furniture donated and the remainder of the mattresses and box springs recycled to keep them out of the landfills. Our customer was thrilled with our services.

Large Treadmill Removed from the 2nd Floor

Our customer had a large treadmill that needed to be removed.  While the treadmill collapsed, it was still quite large and heavy.  The customer had very nice wood floors and a beautiful stairway that we wanted to ensure remained that way.  We were able to use blankets to carefully move the equipment down the call, lift the treadmill down the stairs and set it back down on blankets at the bottom of the stairs.  From there, we could slide it to the doorway, lean it carefully through the exterior door and then take it down a few more steps and out to the truck.  The customer experienced no back injuries and the home remained in the same beautiful condition it started in!

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